Bentley Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase not only cuts down on paperwork, it also gives you complete control of your outgoings.

How Hire Purchase works for you

You put down a deposit and the remainder of the outstanding balance is divided equally per month across the term of your agreement. No fuss. No hassle. Just a straightforward way of getting you behind the wheel of your Bentley, in as timely a manner as possible.

  • You select your Bentley, and agree a repayment period, and monthly repayment that works best for you,
  • You pay an initial deposit and the remaining balance is divided equally per month over the term of the agreement and fixed,
  • When you make your final payment (including the option-to-purchase fee) you will then own your Bentley.

At the end of your agreement

Once you have paid all the agreed fixed monthly payments in your finance agreement, you will then own your Bentley outright. An appealing result we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you wish to discuss Hire Purchase agreements, please contact a Bentley Retailer.

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This service is currently only available to Private Individual Bentley Financial Services customers

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