Bentley Lease Purchase

Every inch of every Bentley is designed for comfort. It’s therefore only natural that this unwavering commitment to ensuring your comfort also extends to our financial plans.

How Lease Purchase works for you

Lease Purchase agreements offer all the benefits of Hire Purchase: such as being able to claim writing down allowances and offsetting interest charges against tax. Lease Purchase also enables you to reduce your monthly payments with the inclusion of a deferred final payment.

  • You select your Bentley, choose the repayment period and monthly repayment that works best for you, and pay your initial deposit.
  • The remaining balance was then split equally, per month over the agreed term of agreement and fixed, with a deferred final payment.
  • At the end of the agreement you can either pay the final lump sum payment and own the vehicle outright, or part exchange it using any remaining money towards a replacement vehicle – perhaps a new model or just something a little different to drive.
  • This added flexibility allows you the freedom of either paying the final lump sum and keeping the vehicle, or part exchanging it using any remaining money towards a deposit on a replacement vehicle. Whichever option you’re most comfortable with, obviously.

If you have any questions, please contact your Bentley Retailer and they will be happy to discuss your options. Find your Bentley Retailer contact details.

More about Lease Purchase agreements:

What to do during your agreement

What to do at the end of your agreement


This service is currently only available to Private Individual Bentley Financial Services customers

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