Bentley Solutions (PCP)

Solutions, our Personal Contract Plan (PCP), offers you a payment plan as bespoke as your Bentley.

How Solutions works for you

Solutions works by deferring a proportion of your car’s purchase price to the end of the agreement, and gives you three choices of what to do next. The agreement is designed to be flexible and allow you to keep your options open.

Your payments are determined by the Bentley you have selected, your chosen repayment method, your agreed annual mileage and the deferred portion of the car’s value (your final payment). We use this along with the deposit you put down to determine your fixed monthly payments.

Your Solutions agreement is designed to protect you. We take the risk on market depreciation so if the value of the vehicle falls below the final payment, you can hand the car back to us, so long as it’s within the agreed mileage and that you’ve looked after it. Because you’re effectively only financing a proportion of your car, your shrewd investment is shrewder still.

When your agreement comes to an end

At the end of the agreement you’ll have the freedom to choose from the following three options:

(1) Part exchange your Bentley for another model and start a new Solutions agreement.
(2) Pay the optional final payment and own your Bentley outright (subject to payment of the option-to-purchase fee).
(3) Hand back your Bentley, with no further payment (terms and conditions apply).

When you reach the end of your agreement, please contact your Bentley Retailer to discuss your options Find your Bentley Retailer contact details.

More about Solutions (PCP) agreements

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This service is currently only available to Private Individual Bentley Financial Services customers

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